three dumb-clucks
 all neatly in one row:
  Mme Clinton, Messrs Ban Ki-moon & Annan

.. these are the sort of people ...

  .. running our world, right ...

    .. down into the ground

Thesis/Subtitle: Mme Clinton, your "indisputable evidence" slip is showing.
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Corollary 1: Those who assist criminals make themselves accessories (Ban Ki-moon & Annan, say.)

Corollary 2: "Be sure your sin will find you out."[bb]


Trigger article 1 (1st of 4806 related articles):

Syrian Regime Deliberately Murdered Civilians - Hillary Clinton - 1 day ago
There was "indisputable evidence" that the Syrian regime had deliberately murdered civilians" in a massacre in the central village of Tremseh ...
  «Clinton said: "As long as the Assad regime continues to wage war against the Syrian people, the international community must keep increasing the pressure on the regime to halt the violence and allow for a political solution to go forward."» 

Comment 1: I suspect this article comes up first because there's a lot of backwards-rowing going on in the corrupt&venal MSM&PFBCs.

Comment 2: Neither Clinton nor anyone else on this planet, *apart* from a healthy majority of fully&fairly informed Syrians, and that in a free&fair referendum, may call for regime-change in Syria. Given the horrendously sad *fact* that Syria is under attack by an externally-supported, illegitimately subverting-insurgency, no such free vote could happen any time soon - as if that might be a priority for the hapless, viciously terrorised inhabitants.

Trigger article 2:

Clinton outraged as evidence emerges of brutal massacre by Assad regime
As many as 220 people may have been killed in Thursday's massacre, which would be the largest of the Syrian revolt so far
Julian Borger and Adam Gabbatt
guardian.co.uk, Friday 13 July 2012 22.05 BST
  «The killings are said to have taken place in the village of Tremseh on Thursday morning, when government forces are alleged to have surrounded residents and opened fire with mortars and artillery. Then an Alawite pro-government militia, the Shabiha, is reported to have moved into Tremseh and started carrying out executions.
Clinton said accounts of the government attack on the village of Tremseh provided "indisputable evidence that the regime deliberately murdered innocent civilians."»

Comment 1: Note the keywords "indisputable evidence," "deliberately murdered" and "innocent civilians."

Comment 2: Note the format; always the same (paraphrasing): 'Activists say Assad's forces brutally murdering his own people = innocent, unarmed and democracy-demanding civilians, including women, children, babies & grand-parents, including by mass-slashing of throats.'

Comment 3: Note also, that the wording and phrasing is deliberately chosen and structured to provoke revulsion and horror in the (mostly not-too-bright) readers. Such psycho-propaganda is designed a) to stun normal thought processes = disable clear reasoning, then b) to 'create consensus' (more like resigned toleration - "What else can we do?") for a military attack on the Assad-regime, *not* to protect any civilians, but to install yet another US/Z-compliant puppet-regime - which will actually further damage the surviving Syrian people's life-styles - just like in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan etc., going back to the hapless refugees ejected from their Palestinian homelands by aggressively invading Zionists over 60 long and bloody years ago - enabled partly by UNGA181 (only just law may earn respect).

Comment 4: If the Assad govt. is smashed, Israel stands a better chance of increasing its (illegal) hold on the Golan Heights and beyond.

Comment 5: If the Assad govt. is smashed, the US will then proceed to smash its next target, Iran, on its hubristic-hegemony way to dominating Russia & China = much of the rest of the US-resisting world, 'incidentally' picking up Iran's oil-patrimony = economic-rent on the way.


AusBC complicity article:

New talks planned in wake of latest Syria massacre
Updated July 14, 2012 10:10:12
  «More and more evidence is slowly emerging of the bloodshed in Tremseh on Thursday. Rebel groups say at least 220 people were killed when government forces began shelling the town at dawn and continued for more than 12 hours.
Witnesses in Tremseh have told of the horrific carnage. They say entire families were killed, with some people executed by the so-called Shabiha - militia groups said to be loyal to the Assad regime.
They say virtually every family in Tremseh has had one or more members killed. Most of the town's population has since fled.»

Comment 1: We now know that most of this text is simply rubbish, see 'Ooops' below.

Comment 2: Barker et al. are so-called news-professionals - but this performance (as far too many others, both from her and her (similarly corrupt?) colleagues) shows that either a) Barker knows less than I do = Barker is completely incompetent, or b) Barker is an outright liar = psycho-propagandiste.

Comment 3: We (the people) pay the AusBC to fully and honestly inform us, so that we (the voters) may exercise our democratic duty. Being lied to totally defeats this objective; best = fire the lot and stick them all in gaol.


Ooops! article (1st found via antiwar):

The New York Times
July 14, 2012
New Details of a Battle Challenge Reports of a Syrian Massacre
  «BEIRUT, Lebanon — New details emerging Saturday about what local Syrian activists called a massacre of civilians near the central city of Hama indicated that it was more likely an uneven clash between the heavily armed Syrian military and local fighters bearing light weapons.» 

Comment 1: Something went wrong; this item and many others in the (corporate = for profit) MSM, with PFBCs perhaps struggling to catch up, show a 180° U-turn, now it's rebels who were attacked and killed, *not* civilians at all. Something went *so* wrong that even the 'mighty' NYT has to revise its 'narrative,' fastest.

Comment 2: Note that even in the NYT's 'row-back,' they can't resist propagandising: "local fighters bearing light weapons" (my emphasis). The weapons cache revealed "included 54 guns, 9 rocket-propelled grenade launchers, 5,000 cartridges, 25 satellite telephones and 24 mortars, the latter looking as if they had been welded by hand." Q: Do you believe mortars = precision instruments, can be "welded by hand?" IF so THEN by very skilful rebels indeed. What of "25 satellite telephones" - we don't have to ask the CIA if they supplied these? But it gets worse:

  «In previous massacres, however, like the one in Houla in late May, there was the immediate synchronization between the long lists of civilian names, the gruesome videos of dead women and children, and corroboration by United Nations observers who faulted the Syrian Army for using tank shells and other heavy weaponry against a civilian area. That is missing in the case of Tremseh.» 
[NYT/'news' ibid.]

Comment: This is blatant 'history-creep;' there is more than sufficient doubt (FAZ, say, [here (antiwar)], [here (original German)], [here (moonofalabama)] and [here (infowars lewrockwel)]) to totally discredit the above NYT distortion of the Houla massacre story. See my above comment on Barker, are the NYT incompetent or deliberate liars?


Discussion: Mme Clinton has been screeching for 'regime-change' ever since the Syrian situation first 'blew up,' and we have every reason to think that the blow-up itself was started, assisted then morphed to aggressive, invasive warfare by the US, possibly Zs, and their SQSHsO accessory-accomplices. Turkey has been 'turned on its head;' from a self-stated friendly regard for all neighbours, it has turned into one of the prime aggressors, hosting rebels and transiting both 'fighters' (= psychopath-mercenaries) and matériel. Erdoğan's name is now mud, his people ashamed (IF not THEN should be, IF they have any decency which is what I expect), and the future of Turkey as a 'world citizen' trashed (here detested US-speak is appropriate, since the US is the 'master-trasher.')

Each time Mme Clinton gets any sort of excuse, she shows her ugly fa... - err, attitude. The US does not own the world - this truth&justice seeker says "Get your filthy claws off our once jewel-like planet!"


Fazit: The US/Z war against the world (= murder for spoil) is wrong, and it must be stopped.

I and my fellow truth&justice seekers are a) on the job and b) already doing as much as we possibly can - but we're not stopping the rot; we need *active* help, and lots of it.

Q: What are all the decent *inactive* people doing, why they are not helping?



[bb] For bible-bashers in need of extended explanation: The adulterer may hide his sin until judgment day. The thief may cover up his crimes and not get caught in this life. Wicked hearts, evil thoughts may remain unexposed before men. Hypocrisy may be hidden for years under a pretense of piety. But the sin of hubris-hegemony will always find you out here and now! For the sake of this message I have called subverting Syria a Nuremberg war crime!



MSM = Mainstream media (print and broadcast).

PFBCs = Publicly-financed broadcasters like AusBC.

SQSHsO = snivelling quisling sycophantic hangers-on.

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