yesterday it was torture
 today it's *pro-govt.* death-squads
  typical psyop-propaganda, designed to shock&revolt

.. it's not just a scandal ...

  .. it's outright, viciously criminal ...

    .. that PFBCs relay *and amplify* such wicked lies

Thesis/Subtitle: MSM + PFBCs attempt layering a 'veneer of respectability' over mass-murder for spoil = US/NATO aggression

 [update, 15:51]


Yesterday's article:

Syria accused of running 'torture archipelago'
Updated July 04, 2012 11:23:44
  «Human Rights Watch says it has uncovered a network of government torture chambers in Syria.» 

Comment 1: The reported *allegations* of torture are made by Human Rights Watch.

Comment 2: "The George Soros Open Society Foundation is the primary donor of the Human Rights Watch, contributing $100 Million of $128 Million ... "

Comment 3: “My foundations,” boasts Soros, “contributed to Democratic regime change ...

Comment 4: By definition, external interference is *not* democratic, and the results in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria 'under the gun' are not what one would call 'inspiring.'

Comment 5: Anyone can lie, and lies can and do *destroy* democracy. People who kill people (US/Zs, say) - do not hesitate to lie, indeed illegal killers = murdering criminals *must* lie.

Comment 6: I suspect that this article and the next are almost *all* lies.


Today's article:

Syrian death squads leave grisly trail of destruction
Updated July 05, 2012 10:18:37
  «One resident named Ziad said by telephone that 90 per cent of Douma citizens had fled the city, out of a population of around 110,000 inhabitants.» 

Comment 0: Do you believe that bit = 99,000 inhabitants fled?

Comment 1: This article, like many similar, includes: There was no way of verifying the authenticity of the activist video or the information conveyed.

Comment 2: Almost from the beginning, we've heard that a) the 'rebels' are not interesting in talking, and b) the 'rebels' moved quickly to violence - same modus operandi as Libya.

Comment 3: A NYT report says that the CIA are actively involved, giving 'rebels' advice, 'non-lethal' aid (= communications & targeting info, say) and 'selecting' those who get arms from other external suppliers. As if; for 'selecting' substitute 'briefing/training.'

Comment 4: If anyone has hands-on experience with death squads it's the US and their proxies, see the 'grisly trail of destruction' starting with the 'El Salvador' examples.

Comment 5: These two reports follow a lull after the Houla massacre; 'the West' *prematurely* reacting to that by expelling diplomats - to Aus' enduring shame, Carr = (pre-arranged?) '1st cab off the rank.' But the massacre was a PR-bust; the PR-audience (= us, we the people) did *not* react with calls of "Off with his head!" - obvious target = Assad; boo hoo to the psyop-propagandists since it looks more like some 'rebels' did the Houla massacre.


A debunk[1] article:

Media PSYOP to Justify NATO Invasion?
'Crimes Against Humanity' Cited in Report on Syria's Torture Network
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
  «A report that characterizes the “rebels” as anything but NATO-backed death squads should be immediately looked upon with heavy skepticism. Indeed, such a claim should do catastrophic damage to the report’s credibility and should likely be dismissed as disinformation.
The most ironic, hypocritical, and Orwellian aspect of this report, however, is the fact that Syria and Assad are being targeted as having committed “crimes against humanity” for allegedly doing the very things that the United States is admittedly doing in places like Guantanamo Bay, Bagram Air Force Base, and numerous black sites all across the world. Indeed, the United States government has even claimed the right to imprison, torture, and kill American citizens at its own discretion.
So does this mean that Barack Obama is guilty of “crimes against humanity?”»
[activistpost via whatreallyhappened/Brandon Turbeville]

Comment: IMHO, this article contains more truth than the above two from the AusBC do.


One more; a video: President Bashar Al-Assad Interview with Barbara Walters on ABC News

Comment: You, dear reader, may make up your own mind.


Argument: We are getting almost a daily dose of lies = typical psyop propaganda, designed to shock&revolt, all aimed at 'manufacturing consent' - or at least, 'resigned acquiescence' to a military strike at Syria. Cui bono? - Certainly not the Syrian people, see Libya in smoking ruin[2].


Fazit: Those who illegally kill = murderers. Those who kill to steal are, if anything, worse, and all are criminal. Lying is a pre- & post-requisite to crime; criminals simply do not hesitate to lie. Syria has 'rebels' = externally supported aggressors = Nuremberg-class war criminals - and we get most of our supposed democracy-supporting info from 'rebel' helpers = the corrupt&venal MSM + PFBCs.

Roll out the tumbrels; off with all their heads!


Update, 15:51 PS Here are two more 'contras:'

Jul 4, 2012
Duplicity drives West's Syria policy
By Bob Rigg
  «In other words, as Russia and China see things, although they were fiercely opposed to a North Atlantic Treaty Organization intervention in Libya they did not invoke their veto to block it, giving the West an opportunity to demonstrate the purely humanitarian nature of its concerns. Unfortunately, what they have learned from this experience is that when the West speaks of human rights, this may well be a front for self-interested geopolitical power plays.» 
[atimes/Bob Rigg]

Comment 1: "May well be a front" = massive understatement; the purposes behind smashing Libya were two; to punish the socialist/benefactor of Libya = Muammar al-Gaddafi (+ilk) personally & *terminally* = lynching, and to plunder Libya's 'patrimony' = resources = oil, water = yet another US(Z) 'exploit' to mass-murder for spoil.

Comment 2: F+UK/NATO smashed Libya = Nuremberg-class war crime, coming after Iraq, ditto. (Annan said invading Iraq was illegal.)

Jul 6, 2012
Regime change in Syria: A true story
By Francois-Alexandre Roy
  «Where are the images of peaceful protests? There are none, because this is not a democratic uprising as Western media claims but an all-out civil war where the rebels [do] not represent the majority of the population and are not all united behind a single reason as to why they want to end Assad's regime.» 
[atimes/Francois-Alexandre Roy]

Comment 1: US/NATO+TR et al. = SQSHsO are attempting to smash Syria = yet another Nuremberg-class war crime. (Now Annan + UN + some NGOs are assisting the perpetrators, the MSM + PFBCs ditto - *as usual!*)

Comment 2: It should be coming clear, that many *truly clever* people can see through the rogue-regimes' and the MSM + PFBCs' *lying*, psyop-propaganda - as is only to be expected (even I can & do see through it, and too bad about the mind-f**ked ppp-dd's). In addition, the same or similar smart people recognise the vile&vicious crimes being perpetrated by the US (+ SQSHsO and especially the US' illegitimate sprog = IL/Zs). Although I agonise over the criminality, and much more so over the poor, hapless *victims'* suffering, there must come a time when a majority join us truth&justice-seekers - then watch out, perpetrators, accessories & apologists alike - see 'tumbrels' above.




[1] debunk  v. colloq. expose (a person, claim, etc.) as spurious or false.  debunker n. [POD]



MSM = Mainstream media (print and broadcast).

PFBCs = Publicly-financed broadcasters like AusBC.

SQSHsO = snivelling quisling sycophantic hangers-on

ppp-dd'd = pushed propaganda paradigm dumbed-down, aka sheople


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