.. the path of least resistance ...

  .. may be appreciably shortened ...

    .. by criminal action = murder for spoil

Thesis/Subtitle: the US and Z regimes are the world's worst rogues

Corollary: the evil of WW2 did not go away, it merely changed 'sides'


Trigger article:

Richard Haass, ... president of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Syria: Beyond the UN veto
 Last Modified: 20 Jul 2012 12:26
  «The inability to reach international consensus may lead Western nations to form their own 'coalition of the willing'.
... the opposition has demonstrated an ability to strike successfully in Damascus.
... planning for strikes against Syrian chemical munitions, and preparing for a post-Assad Syria.»

Comment 1: Says it all, really (but still, one *needs* to read the lot).

Comment 2: Nobody, not the UN, the US nor any external other may order 'regime-change' - *only* the resident citizens may do so, and then only in a free and fair, properly constituted referendum.

Comment 3: Expressions like 'international consensus,' as 'the West' are more propaganda-constructs than useful concepts, because a) the *regimes* involved are not themselves representative, b) internal operations (of 3rd parties, here Syria) are none of their business but worse, since c) the situation is not 'all other things being equal' but has largely been created by *external* subversion.

Comment 4: A key phrase from Haass: "planning for strikes against Syrian chemical munitions" is taking on real significance, this morning on radio I heard a threat being made by Israel - to (paraphrased) 'strike against Syrian chemical targets.' This would be one way the baddies may try to circumvent the UNSC and R&C vetoes.

Comment 5: Getting obsessed with war is the wrong thing, better is to seek peace via truth and justice. The US+Zs have form (Iraq to Palestine, backwards), as do F+UK/NATO (latest Libya). Other SQSHsO make up the cast of villains, D for example supplying nuke-capable submarines to the Zs and DK supplying the head NATO-warmonger; the criminal-trail is long and well-populated. The way to stop the rot is a) no more of the same = no more war and b) call the dogs of war off = cease all external subversion.


Charge: Ah! This is all anti-US, anti-Semitic polemic (diatribe, harangue, obloquy)!

Counter: No, 'merely' anti-lying, anti-cheating, anti-theft & anti-murder.

Witness: Wesley Clark (4 Star General, now retd.): "This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran."

Musing: What really gives *me* the shits, *apart* from the suffering the 'responsibility to protect' *pretenders* are causing (which is extreme, criminal, and *not* (yet?) prosecuted, from Palestine to the current moment in Syria), are the filthy, filthy *lies*; do one thing (murdering for spoil) while saying another (democracy!) As previously mentioned 'in here,' our 'Western' democracies are sham. Then oil:

  « ... provided an opportunity and pretext to implement long-standing plans to take control of Iraq's immense oil wealth, a central component of the Persian Gulf resources that the State Department, in 1945, described as "a stupendous source of strategic power, and one of the greatest material prizes in world history"... What matters is control over the "material prize," which funnels enormous wealth to the US in many ways, and the "stupendous source of strategic power," which translates into a lever of “unilateral world domination.”» 

Fazit: It is 'easy' to criticise the US and Z regimes - since they are *proven* to be the world's worst rogues - look only to Palestine, practically an entire country stolen at the point of guns and bombs = genocidal, ethnic-cleansing Zionist terrorism - and the Zs' biggest 'friend' = the US with its own trail of infamy; post-2001 only = the rape of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya (proxy-front = F+UK/NATO) and now smashing Syria to smithereens, with Iran as next.

The world will not see truth + justice = peace before the US+Z regimes are brought to justice

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