as practiced
  in 'the West'
   does not work

.. and this ...

  .. has serious ...

    .. consequences

Thesis/Subtitle: in our democracies, the people supposedly delegate power to representatives

Corollary: IF the representatives do *not* properly represent THEN they make themselves rogue


Preamble: (Partly from my "how do you like being lied to?") 'They' (some amorphous and/or anonymous 'authority,' with or without remit) maintain that we (Anglo/Judaic/'the West') live in democracies, 'the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried ...' Recall that Churchill was a politician AND that "All politicians lie!" - thanks, but "No, thanks!" to Howard.

Now, it is easy enough to prove that our democracies are not working properly (massive understatement), see repeat of preamble to my "full-spectrum dominance" as lemma[3] below. Specifically here, when we (the people = voters) are lied to (in the case of secrets and/or covert operations = lies of omission), it is done to deceive us, and deceived voters may not make properly informed decisions. Thus IF lied to (by representatives, our so-called 'leaders') THEN the democratic covenant is broken AND the transfer of sovereignty from the people to the representatives becomes 'inoperative' = the leaders lose any mandate = any/all subsequent action by such leaders = illegitimate.

This has serious consequences; IF a representative has no mandate THEN s/he may not even 'operate' in a democratic frame; ALL actions are illegitimate AND ordering murder especially; such a representative is an outlaw and *must* be brought to justice.

End preamble.


Trigger article 1:

Middle East
Jul 24, 2012
The rise and fall of Turkey's Erdogan
By M K Bhadrakumar
  «The emergent operational plan is that while Ankara steps up the covert operations inside Syria (bankrolled by Saudi Arabia and Qatar), Israel will cross the border into Syria from the south and attack Bashar's military and degrade its capacity to resist the Turkish threat.
Turkey has stepped up the psywar, projecting through the media that the Syrian regime is already tottering. Turkish commentators are spreading the word. Murat Yetkin of the establishment daily Hurriyet quoted a Turkish official as saying,
Our people [Turkish intelligence] in the field are observing that the urban majority, which has preferred to remain neutral so far, has begun to support the opposition groups. We think the Syrian people have begun to perceive that the administration is breaking up.»

Comment 1; note: "covert operations inside Syria (bankrolled by Saudi Arabia and Qatar),"

Comment 2; note: "the urban majority, which has preferred to remain neutral so far" - how odd is that? We are told (via the corrupt&venal MSM+PFBCs) that the Syrian people are agitating = they actually started the 'crisis?' How could they have done, if the urban majority "remain neutral so far?" This is proof that any agitation is by a minority, which again means no mandate - for the instigator/invaders.

Trigger article 2:

Jul 24, 2012
German intelligence: al-Qaeda all over Syria
By John Rosenthal
  «German intelligence estimates that "around 90" terror attacks that "can be attributed to organizations that are close to al-Qaeda or jihadist groups" were carried out in Syria between the end of December and the beginning of July, as reported by the German daily Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). This was revealed by the German government in a response to a parliamentary question.
In response to the same question, the German government admitted that it had received several reports from the German foreign intelligence service, the BND, on the May 25 massacre in the Syrian town of Houla. But it noted that the content of these reports was to remain classified "by reason of national interest", Like many other Western governments, Germany expelled Syria's ambassador in the immediate aftermath of the massacre, holding the Syrian government responsible for the violence.
While France, the United Kingdom, and the United States have figured as the most visible Western powers supporting the rebellion, Germany has been quietly playing a major role behind the scenes. According to a new report in the FAZ, the German foreign office is working with representatives of the Syrian opposition to develop "concrete plans" for a "political transition" in Syria following the fall of Assad.»

Comment 1; note: "reports from the German foreign intelligence service, the BND, on the May 25 massacre in the Syrian town of Houla." How odd is it, that these reports are "to remain classified?" The corrupt&venal MSM+PFBCs told us 'That Assad did it;' IF so THEN it's no secret BUT obviously, the BND report *must* differ = *not* Assad = MSM+PFBCs lied. As said already, serious consequences.

Comment 2; note: "quietly playing a major role behind the scenes."


Argument, general: Recall that in Aus, one votes by ranking candidates in order of preference. Do you (honestly) think that such a process can allow one to choose some preferable future, whereby the will of the majority is determined, and so their preferred policies are to be implemented?

Further, does this process provide a mechanism to delegate voter power to representatives, enabling those representatives to order the slaughter of other human beings in the name of 'regime change?'

Specifically, IF representatives indulge in secret/covert operations, THEN they do *not* have a mandate, by definition.


Fazit: As long as representatives operate without mandates, we do *not* live in properly functioning democracies, nor do we live in societies under 'the rule of law.' Bah! Repeat: Rogue representatives *must* be brought to justice.



[1] democracy  n. (pl. -ies) 1 a government by the whole population, usu. through elected representatives. b State so governed. 2 classless and tolerant society. [Greek demokratia rule of the people] [POD]

[2] rogue  n. 1 dishonest or unprincipled person. 2 joc. mischievous person, esp. a child. 3 (usu. attrib.) wild fierce animal driven away or living apart from others (rogue elephant). 4 (often attrib.) inexplicably aberrant result or phenomenon; inferior or defective specimen. [origin unknown] [ibid.]  

[3] Lemma:

1. Lying is a pre- & post-requisite to crime; lies are deployed to deceive, deception is done with malice-aforethought and after any crime, the perpetrators have to lie to avoid self-incrimination. There is no such thing as a 'harmless' lie.

2. It is easy to prove that 'our' democracies (our = Anglo (US, UK, Aus), Judaic = IL, 'the West' adds D, F and other SQSHsO = snivelling quisling sycophantic hangers-on) - are sham; of three pre-requisites (fully and honestly informed voters, sufficiently wide choice of candidates, elected representatives who implement the will of the majority while protecting minorities) - we fail all three.

3. It is easy to see that we have no worthwhile 'rule of law,' since the UN whose founding purpose was to prevent war, dismally has not - in fact quite the opposite; from at the latest UNGA181 (subsequent improper dispossession of Palestinian land/property via genocidal methods - thanks, but "No, thanks!" to the Zionists), down to 2001+ = aggressive invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria (current moment), Iran (probably next in the US' target-list). Also (fundamental), note that only just law may earn respect - one 'best' (= worst) example, 'war on drugs.' Adequate data exists to prove 'decriminalisation' gives a *much* better, possibly the best result.

End lemma.



ELO/Os = hapless erstwhile legal owner/occupiers

MSM = mainstream media (print and broadcast)

PFBCs = publicly-financed broadcasters like AusBC

ppp-dd'd = pushed propaganda paradigm dumbed-down

PRopaganda = PR + propaganda

SQSHsO = snivelling quisling sycophantic hangers-on

US&/Zs = the US of A and/or Zionists

XS-CO2-CCC = excess CO2 climate-change catastrophe

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