on the one hand squalid
 on the other, bizarre
  altogether = brutal

.. very unethical ...

  .. plus unprofessional ...

    .. = utterly unconscionable


Thesis/Subtitle: lascivious press orgy over Petraeus' still-warm corpse

Mini update: 3rd woman 'found' (some hours ago; silly, slow me.)

[As a totally irrelevant aside, the 3rd woman's maiden name is Khawam! This may be termed 'nominative determinism.' Haw.]

 [Major update, 18:15]

Trigger article 1:

Petraeus affair rattles US intelligence elite
 By Washington correspondent Kim Landers
 Updated November 12, 2012 15:01:25
  «The CIA, the FBI and the White House are all facing questions in the wake of the resignation of CIA director David Petraeus over an extra-marital affair, as details emerge of how it was uncovered.
While senior politicians are denying there are any national security implications, there are questions about who was told about the FBI investigation into General Petraeus.»

Comment: The AusBC PFBC, as the corrupt & venal MSM in general, apparently have no shame, 'going to town' on perhaps the US' 'greatest' war hero, glorying in his fall and not worrying who gets trampled in the mêlée.

Trigger article 2:

November 10, 2012
Biographer’s E-Mails to Woman Led F.B.I. to Petraeus
By Scott Shane and Eric Schmitt
  «Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, said Saturday an F.B.I. employee whom his staff described as a whistle-blower told him about Mr. Petraeus’s affair and a possible security breach in late October, which was after the investigation had begun.» 
[nyt/Shane & Schmitt]

Comment: Looks like some leaks are less equal than others = 101% US hypocrisy.


  «They also discovered that Ms. Broadwell possessed certain classified information, one official said, but apparently concluded that it was probably not Mr. Petraeus who had given it to her and that there had been no major breach of security. No leak charges are expected to be filed as a result of the investigation.» 
[nyt/Shane & Schmitt ibid.]

Comment 1: The mind boggles; did Ms Broadwell have classified information in her emls accessible to the FBI, or what else did they riffle through and how? A raid? IF she had security clearance, THEN no problem (and no need even to mention), IF she didn't then yes, a problem but "no major breach of security?"

Comment 2: It makes no sense, but the threats are obvious.


Consider what's happening here: 1st of all, it's all allegations/insinuations, plus divulging possible evidence of criminality (if Petraeus is thought to have brought the military into disrepute, say) and even leaks (for which Manning and Assange are being pilloried if not actually targeted for 'termination with extreme prejudice'), leading to injuries to the immediate parties, their partners and children, and some mysterious 3rd party (female), who may be totally innocent - except for 'running to daddy' over some alleged "harassment" via eml (the poor dear!) Unlike the principals here, this 3rd party has not been named - turning the spotlight of suspicion onto *all* of Petraeus' female acquaintances. Nice one.

One of the first steps in coercion is invoking fear; as well as this circle of female acquaintances, all US-service persons involved in a little bit of extramarital 'hanky-panky' will now presumably have the shits well and truly up. It 'begs the question' as to what's decent or legal, how such determinations may come about - and made by whom. Recall 'only just law may earn respect,' and IF the 'democratic covenant' is violated (haw; let me count the ways?) - THEN *all* resulting law is invalid.

An illustration of the damage being done was the media siege set up outside Ms Broadwell's residence. In the first 24 hours, NYT did at least three full stories that I'm aware of. At time of writing, a google-search for 'Broadwell Petraeus nov 2012' gives "About 186,000,000 results" - which seems utterly absurd (perhaps go query google management?)

An interesting detail is that as 'boss' of the CIA, Petraeus himself had a boss, namely James R. Clapper. An old saw alleges, "the buck stops" on the US president's desk - but what if there's yet another level 'above' him too, just like Petraeus had?

There's only one group capable of such psychopathic brutality, so the real Qs are how/when/where did P offend?

Some proof of any string-pullers' identity may be seen here: "Obama told Mahmud Abbas on Sunday that his administration opposes a Palestinian bid for non-state membership of the UN."

Me; Q: Why that? Suggested A: Obama is ppp-dd'd by hasbarah?

Musing: By admitting to the affair (confronted by the FBI = TINA), Petraeus has done damage to both marriages (even if each spouse knew, it's now Oh, so public; and coming with that I assume, some 'very bad feelings.') Ditto for the four children having 'bad feelings' thrust upon them - out of the blue (or since it's army, out of the camouflage). It shows us that when the empire strikes back, it can strike back pretty bloody hard - just like the Zs genocidally striking at Palestinian ELO/Os, and just like one of the Zs' 'models' did now so long ago (don't mention the War!)

Fazit: IF (FBI, CIA, the real puppet-string-pullers) were at all reasonable THEN they could have a) had a quiet word then b) let him slink off 'for family reasons,' like so many others declared as 'supernumerary' do. That the shit was allowed to hit the fan in such a spectacular fashion, that the MSM now seem to be encouraged to have a 'feeding frenzy' over Petraeus, should tell us something. IF they don't shy from shooting down one of their 'brightest' stars THEN anyone with a vulnerability should better start praying that they stay well under the trouble-horizon - since there is little to no imperial mercy under such a tyranny.


Update, 18:15; PS

Trigger article:

When Former CIA Chief David Petraeus Enraged the Israel Lobby
By Ali Abunimah
November 12, 2012
Electronic Intifada
  «The enduring hostilities between Israel and some of its neighbors present distinct challenges to our ability to advance our interests in the AOR [Area of Operations]. Israeli-Palestinian tensions often flare into violence and large-scale armed confrontations. The conflict foments anti-American sentiment, due to a perception of U.S. favoritism for Israel. Arab anger over the Palestinian question limits the strength and depth of U.S. partnerships with governments and peoples in the AOR and weakens the legitimacy of moderate regimes in the Arab world. Meanwhile, al-Qaeda and other militant groups exploit that anger to mobilize support. The conflict also gives Iran influence in the Arab world through its clients, Lebanese Hizballah and Hamas.» 
[globalresearch/electronicintifada/Ali Abunimah]

Comment 1: Ta-ra! we might as well name Ms Broadwell "Mata Hari" (in Yiddish, of course.) Proof by results, the effect is the same anyway you look at it. It is scarcely credible that the extramarital squeeze of one of the absolute top US generals would be so blindingly stupid as to eml threats to some (imagined?) rival. Most probable conclusion: It was, from the very beginning, a deliberate honey-trap. (Just like the one that so effectively switched Assange off.)

Comment 2: Another 'of course;' Petraeus was only speaking 'strategically,' he hardly unloaded on the Zs at all - those same Zs who have stolen most of Palestine by genocidal, ethnic-cleansing mass-murders for soil. Israel remains an un-remedied, Nuremberg-class crime-scene.

Comment 3: I refer to 'balance of probabilities;' the scales just tipped a bit more, but always, in such situations, in the same Z = depraved, criminal, down-direction.




[1] squalid  adj. 1 filthy, dirty. 2 mean or poor in appearance. [Latin] [POD]

[2] bizarre  adj. strange; eccentric; grotesque. [French] [ibid.]

[3] brutal  adj. 1 savagely cruel. 2 harsh, merciless.  brutality n. (pl. -ies). brutally adv. [French: related to *brute] [ibid.]


ELO/Os = hapless erstwhile legal owner/occupiers

I/J/Z-plex; illegitimate IL squats on genocidally ethnically-cleansed = improperly alienated, mainly Palestinian ELO/Os' land/property = IL is an un-remedied crime-scene and *all* I/J/Z-plex (except any actively opposing) are guilty; sole remedy = reparations = revest where possible, adequate = acceptable recompense where not + *sincere* apology

M/I/C/$4a†-plex = military, industrial, Congress (US-speak for parliament); $ = banksters, 4 = 4th estate = MSM+PFBCs, 'a' = academia incl. think-tanks, † = the churches.

MSM = mainstream media (print and broadcast), aka 'corrupt&venal'

neoliberalism = 'economic rationalism,' 'supply-side,' (wicked) privatisations, 'small govt.' = minimised to no égalité etc. + globalisation = wage arbitration etc. = <1% rips off 99%+

PFBCs = publicly-financed broadcasters, like the AusBC

ppp-dd'd = pushed propaganda paradigm dumbed-down

PRopaganda = PR + propaganda, usual qualifier: 'lying'

SQSHsO = snivelling quisling sycophantic hangers-on

the Enlightenment well summarised by liberté, égalité, fraternité

US-MMH = Media (aka press, radio + TV), Madison Ave., Hollywood

US&/Zs = the US of A and/or Zionists; sometimes indistinguishable

XS-CO2-CCC = excess CO2 climate-change catastrophe

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