proof of vile criminality
 by Israel plus accessories

posit: that Israel is an illegitimate, criminal and cancerous entity (*not* a State), which causes misery and destruction, begetting ever more corruption as it lies, cheats and murders to steal.

 [update, 14:41]


Preamble: "It is not simple!" - OK, so step-by-step;

Any crime-investigation considers means, motive and opportunity + modus operandi and cui bono?

Associating the first three with an alleged perpetrator is usually enough for a conviction; all five = an 'open and shut' case.

The crimes under consideration are a) crimes against humanity and b) war crimes of the Nuremberg-class.

The crime scene is pre-UNGA181 Palestine, the time-frame is from 1897 at the latest, right down to the 'current moment.'

The accused are parts of the I/J/Z-plex, the alleged prime-perpetrators are the Jewish immigrants to pre-UNGA181 Palestine, their heirs and successors.

The alleged victims are mainly Palestinian ELO/Os, their heirs and successors, many now resident in the miserable mini-Bantustans they've been squeezed into by murdering force.

The alleged accessories are the UK, US + other SQSHsO *regimes* plus the UN and lastly, the corrupt&venal MSM + PFBCs like the AusBC.

A note on crime; the definition depends partly on the law; IF the law itself is inadequate or corrupt = 'an ass' = 'contrary to common sense' say, THEN one must revise it or its effect - since only just law may earn respect.

The tightly-focussed intent is to show necessary and sufficient proof-by-result, so we can identify the enemies of humanity, truth & justice. Some points may occur in multiples, if thought helpful.


This blog-item is part of and repeats some material from a loose group of recent items:

End preamble.


The case for the prosecution:

1) motive Herzl(1897): coveting land-not-theirs formalised;

 "expropriation [of land/property] and the removal [of ELO/Os]"

2) accessory Balfour(1917): UK agrees to Z-interference;

 "do not propose ... to consult them [existing natives]"

3) means Jabotinsky(~1923): analysis + strategy;

 "No native population would stomach the intrusion ... Unremitting force"

4) method immigration by Jews into Palestine (1934-48), partly illegal (Aliyah Bet) = alien invasion

5) method Ben-Gurion(1936-39): analysis + strategy;

 "“We ... are the attackers and the Arabs are those defending ... [they] own the land"

Comment: aliens attack natives = Nuremberg-class war crime

Proof of Zionist criminality

6) method UNGA181(1947): *Partition into two states*

Comment: thought to violate the UN charter; no UNSC action = not law

Comment: not enforced (see UNGA273), to the 'current moment'

7) means Meir(1948): raised $US50mio from diaspora for arms

8) modus operandi Plan Dalet/Deir Yassin(1948) = ethnic-cleansing using genocidal attacks

Comment: Deir Yassin is but one outrage; such continue to 'current moment'

Comment: aliens attack natives = Nuremberg-class war crime

Proof of Zionist criminality

9) method unilateral declaration of independence(1948): no basis in law

10) accessory Truman(1948): US-interference, recognition

Comment: thought for electoral reasons - plus US coveting of ME oil

10) accessory UNGA194(1948): *right of return*

Comment: not enforced (see UNGA273), to the 'current moment'

11) accessory UNGA273(1949): *Israel, UN membership*

Comment: Israel promised to honour 'Charter obligations,' UNGA181 & UNGA194

Comment: not enforced, to the 'current moment'

Proof of Israeli perfidy; still no Palestinian state, still no return.

12) modus operandi 'war of Z's choice'(1967)

Comment: aggressive war = more Nuremberg-class war crime

Proof of Israeli criminality

13) modus operandi Israeli attacks USS Liberty(1967): 34 dead, 170+ wounded

Proof of more Israeli perfidy plus criminality

14) accessory UNSC242(1967): *inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war*

Comment: not enforced, to the 'current moment'

Comment: By not stopping crime, the UN makes itself an accessory.

Cui bono? = who benefits? Only Israel 'for sure,' possibly US since the US is still number one supporter, but could be coerced, mistaken, both and/or worse. The US is attacking other ME countries (murdering for oil, hegemony) - so we suppose that the US is 'co-defendant' here.

Prosecution gives summary; no one stops the Israeli crimes, not the UN, the US, UK or any other SQSHsO, the corrupt&venal MSM + PFBCs almost always favour the Zionist lying hasbarah over the truth; the Jews are portrayed as the eternal victims - when it's the ELO/Os who a) suffer aggressive attack including being murdered, b) are improperly dispossessed = Israel squats on stolen land/property - and c) so it criminally goes.

A real shocker, 64+ years since the Nakba.

Then the judge's Q: How do you say?

Jury: Guilty, your honour.


Update, 14:41; PS Arrrgh! Left something out, namely:

opportunity The Holocaust; Jews preying on (questionably invoked) sympathy.

This is *not* to doubt the gas-ovens, merely to query the numbers being spruiked. One thing almost everyone should know by now, is that the Jews/Zionists are *inveterate liars*. They even have a special name for lies in connection to Israel, namely 'hasbarah' = 'explanation.' We *know* that hasbarah includes lies, since hasbarah *never* admits to the quite visible fact, verifiable by the most casual inspection - that Israel illegally, immorally squats on stolen land/property. That they must lie is explained by the 'natural' phenomenon, that criminals can never afford to tell the truth about their own crimes - else they would convict themselves. 'Nice' little loop!

The 'push' to steal most of Palestine was well underway before WW2, but most of the real action (= crimes against humanity) took place after - making their constant harping on 'the Holocaust' little more than cynical manipulation. Jabotinsky's strategy means permanent war - just how sustainable do you think that might be? IMHO, it indicates mental-retardation of the entire Zionist group, plus most = at the very least 50%+1 of the diaspora. IF that diaspora did not accept the lies THEN they would get a bit vocal - one might think, since the obviously criminal 'Zionist project' reflects negatively on *all* Jews, *everywhere*.




[1] Zionism  n. movement for the establishment and development of a Jewish nation in what was pre-UNGA181 Palestine.  Zionist n. & adj. [POD] [modified]

[2] lie2  -n. 1 intentionally false statement (tell a lie). 2 something that deceives. -v. (lies, lied, lying) 1 tell a lie or lies. 2 (of a thing) be deceptive.  give the lie to show the falsity of (a supposition etc.). [Old English] [ibid.]

[3] deceive  v. (-ving) 1 make (a person) believe what is false; purposely mislead. 2 be unfaithful to, esp. sexually. 3 use deceit.  deceive oneself persist in a mistaken belief.  deceiver n. [ibid.]

[4] crime  n. 1 a offence punishable by law. b illegal acts (resorted to crime). 2 evil act (crime against humanity). 3 colloq. shameful act. [Latin crimen] [ibid.]
criminal  -n. person guilty of a crime. [ibid.]

[5] accessory  n. (pl. -ies) 1 additional or extra thing. 2 (usu. in pl.) small attachment, fitting, or subsidiary item of dress (e.g. shoes, gloves). 3 (often foll. by to) person who abets or is privy to an (esp. illegal) act. [medieval Latin: related to *accede][ibid.]


ELO/Os = hapless erstwhile legal owner/occupiers

I/J/Z-plex; illegitimate IL squats on genocidally ethnically-cleansed = improperly alienated, mainly Palestinian ELO/Os' land/property = IL is an un-remedied crime-scene and *all* I/J/Z-plex (except any actively opposing) are guilty; sole remedy = reparations = revest where possible, adequate = acceptable recompense where not + *sincere* apology

M/I/C/$4a†-plex = military, industrial, Congress (US-speak for parliament); $ = banksters, 4 = 4th estate = MSM+PFBCs, 'a' = academia incl. think-tanks, † = the churches.

MSM = mainstream media (print and broadcast), aka 'corrupt&venal'

neoliberalism = 'economic rationalism,' 'supply-side,' (wicked) privatisations, 'small govt.' = minimised to no égalité etc. + globalisation = wage arbitration etc. = <1% rips off 99%+

PFBCs = publicly-financed broadcasters, like the AusBC

ppp-dd'd = pushed propaganda paradigm dumbed-down

PRopaganda = PR + propaganda, usual qualifier: 'lying'

SQSHsO = snivelling quisling sycophantic hangers-on

the Enlightenment well summarised by liberté, égalité, fraternité

US-MMH = Media (aka press, radio + TV), Madison Ave., Hollywood

US&/Zs = the US of A and/or Zionists; sometimes indistinguishable

XS-CO2-CCC = excess CO2 climate-change catastrophe

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