Petraeus vs. the public

The legend you are about to hear is true
Only the needle should be changed to protect the record

[St. George:]
This is the countryside
My name is St George
I'm a knight

Tuesday, Nov 6th, 5:05 pm
I was working out of the castle on the nightwatch
when a call came in from the Chief
A general had been f**king maidens
National security threat
My job, slay him

[St. George:]
You call me, Chief

Yes, a general again, f**king maidens
The Pres's daughter may be next...


[NYT Nov 10:]
  «The F.B.I. investigation that led to the sudden resignation of David H. Petraeus as C.I.A. director on Friday began with a complaint several months ago about “harassing” e-mails sent by Paula Broadwell, Mr. Petraeus’s biographer, to another woman who knows both of them, two government officials briefed on the case said Saturday.» 

[different story, same MSM-shonk source and dateline:]
  «Mr. Petraeus, a slender fitness fanatic, is known as a brainy ascetic.» 

It simply does not compute. Ascetic, lifetime US-military career, exactly same duration marriage (current marital abode = Virginia suburbs; "was amazed to eat dinner most nights with his wife"), now not one but two floozies.

That any individual complaint (from an at least possibly intending adulteress) about 'internet harassment' from an actual adulteress - could be passed to the FBI - and be acted upon.

That the 1st FBI type to run into a sniff of Petraeus goes "Wow!" - and calls his boss. That that boss says "Stick to it" and they do, taking one of "America's greatest war heroes" down.

Recall here 'means, motive, and opportunity' + modus operandi, the oh, so obvious cui bono; more than likely is that Petraeus did *not* get into Ms Broadwell's chiffon undies for the 1st time anywhere else but in Afghanistan = when he was still 'all in' the army. Nor is it likely, in the Virginia suburbs, that Petraeus was pursued by some further femme-fatale, such that Ms Broadwell would begin an eml-campaign against a perceived rival. As I said 1st time I heard of this: The whole story stinks. Who is hiding what?

One last quote:
  «A senior intelligence official said Saturday that Mr. Clapper had learned of Mr. Petraeus’s situation only when the F.B.I. notified him, about 5 p.m. on Tuesday, election night.» 

Me: Pull the other one. NYT is where Judith Miller (now a member of the Council on Foreign Relations) worked, churning out lie after lie in a stupid attempt to 'justify' the illegal, Nuremberg-class invasion of Iraq. As if the NYT could change spots?

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