Why doesn't the world stop the barbarian Jews?

Has the entire world-leadership gone mad? 64+ years long?


PS 17:59 A Jewish-bankster conspiracy?

Proof by result:

1. The entire world - or so it seems, is in debt - then see this from EB. I can't tell if the majority of banksters are Jews - but I suspect that it is, in fact, so. Think Rockefeller, think Rothschild, think Goldman-Sachs etc. etc..

2. The Zionists are undoubtedly the worst criminals on the planet, with the rest of the Jews only marginally behind in 2nd place (sub-proof: IF Jews were democrats THEN a majority could stop the Zionist crimes against humanity, specifically against the mostly Palestinian ELO/Os.)

3. That the rest of the world does *not* stop the Jewish-Zionist crimes AND cannot escape from debt THEN there is a connection; it may well, truly be a Jewish-bankster conspiracy.

4. On the other hand, ripping the world off on interest - partly in secret, is radically different from ripping the Palestinians' land/property off by ethnically cleansing by genocidal methods = mass-murdering for spoil in *broad daylight*. Murdering-theft is a crime of vastly greater monstrosity. Sooo, the Jewish-bankster-thieves problem should be regarded as separate from the Jewish-murdering-thieves problem.

Repeat: Proof by result. Both crimes daily visible, wherever you are.


PPS 08:29, 18Nov. Whatever, but the Jewish-Zionist crimes *must* be stopped; 1st stop the murdering, then the long deserved justice including right of return and full, acceptable compensation must be obtained for the mostly Palestinian ELO/Os, their heirs & successors. Only so may *individual* Jews hope to regain some respectability. Since one simply cannot reverse nor recompense the victims of mass-murdering, the illegitimate 'State' of Israel can never rehabilitate itself, hence never will. Best would be to roll-up the tents & vacate their victims' improperly dispossessed land/property - soonest.

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