hey you 'leaders!'
 - got any balls at all?
  stop the Zs slaughtering!

.. so-called 'leaders' doing nothing ...

  .. - make themselves accessories ...

    .. almost as guilty as the murderers

Thesis/Subtitle: it's beyond any joke

Concomitant: Zs running amok

Corollary: stop the killing!


Trigger article:

Israel ready to 'significantly expand' Gaza operation
Philip Williams in Jerusalem, wires
Updated November 18, 2012 23:38:00
  «Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu says his nation is ready to "significantly expand" its operation against militants in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, as the conflict entered its fifth day.» 
[AusBC against truth and justice]

Comment 1: One hardly needs to read it all.

Comment 2: Israel squats on stolen land/property.

Comment 3: The Palestinians were improperly dispossessed = ethnically cleansed by genocidal methods, this is an incontrovertible fact.

Comment 4: As such, the victims (remaining, that is, plus their heirs and successors) have *every* right to try to regain their land/property.

Comment 5: The alien-invaders, on the other hand, have *no* rights to attack anyone at all.


Fazit: Could the properly constituted world authorities (UN, ICJ etc.) please do their job; restrain then prosecute theses vicious Jews/Zionist murdering thieves? Soonest!

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